4 Way Access with MN9000 Digital Lock

Digital technology has transformed the way we live. It has simplified our lives and can now make our homes more secure and allow easy access for the owner.

The MN9000 Digital Lock from Miles Nelson features the latest in styling, technology and usability. The modern design features a stylish handle with an illuminating touch pad, all supplied in a satin nickel finish. The armor glass touch pad reflects the suns UV rays and will provide years of protection from the effects of heat and prevent any sun damage. The MN9000 is made from high - grade materials that offer long-lasting reliability and it comes with a high IP65 rating for water and dust ingress that insures unmatched durability

The MN9000 allows 50 user codes to be stored at any time and access is granted by a pin code, remote, fob or by mechanical key.

MN9000 Digital lock from Miles Nelson. Transforming the way we think about home security.

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