Barndoor Kits

Barn doors are on trend and have been for some years. The black barn track hardware with black pull handles, flush handles or a combination of both are available from Miles Nelson.

While standard doors need a wide area to open and close, barn doors only require adequate wall space meaning you can make maximum use of your floor space for furniture and decor.

Barn doors are incredibly functional and a perfect alternative to pocket/cavity slider doors. Barn doors provide a perfect solution for putting doors in those unique places that generally only a cavity door would fit due to limited clearance or wall space but without the trouble of creating a double wall pocket for a cavity slider door.

The two main applications of barn doors are either single or bi-parting doors. A single door that slides left or right is an excellent option for smaller or standard openings if you have enough room for the door to slide in one direction. If you don’t have enough wall room for a single door or you have a very large opening, you can go with a bi-parting door.

Barn doors add an aesthetically interesting appeal to any space and Miles Nelson have the hardware for both single and bi-parting barn doors.

Available through all the main NZ hardware stores.

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