Design trends

Copper: A Rising Trend

The market has seen a resurgent popularity of copper finishes in door hardware design.

With its timeless style, copper is making a strong comeback, redefining elegance.

Copper: A Gleaming Revival

With its warm, rosy glow, copper has adorned architectural elements for centuries. Once synonymous of vintage aesthetics, it has now been rediscovered and revitalized as a symbol of contemporary elegance.

Black and Copper: A Combination Made in Heaven

One of the key factors behind copper’s resurgence is its stunning synergy with black elements. When applied to door hardware, this combination exudes an air of modernity while remaining inherently classic.

Copper in Door Hardware Design

Door handles, lock kits and pull handles in copper radiate elegance. Whether integrated into contemporary or traditional designs, copper hardware makes a significant impact.

Perfect Matches for Modern Elegance

The perfect fusion of modern and contemporary elegance. The Doorbot digital electronic deadbolt, coupled with a copper pull handle, it gives the door a stunning look—a perfect combination for achieving a modern, yet sophisticated style.

Versatility Meets Elegance

What makes copper even more captivating is its versatility. It harmonises with minimalist, industrial, and even rustic-inspired interiors.

For designers and homeowners seeking to embrace trends that withstand the test of time, copper door hardware proves to be an exquisite choice.

At Miles Nelson, we present an exquisite range of copper-finished door hardware options. Embrace the elegance of copper and let it shape your design vision into a contemporary masterpiece of sophistication.